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Yesterday I received another trove of political mailers from the Worth Remick campaign full of lies and innuendo about me. In attempting to disparage my character, he has revealed his own.

As we approach the end of this campaign, here is what I have learned about Mr. Remick. He will mail out anything to try to win an election. No allegation is beneath him at this point. At our forums together, he has never had the courage to make his charges of corruption and shady dealings to my face. Mr. Remick’s only other platform besides attacking me is that he wants to make abortion a City Council issue, which tells me he hasn’t a clue as to which levels of government are responsible for certain issues. He is not deserving of a seat on the Council.

As to his specific charges against me, let me say that I have voted on thousands of issues over the course of my career, and every vote has been in the best interest of the city of Virginia Beach. There is no level of government more scrutinized than our local one. I do not play favorites, my special interests are public safety, education, economic development including tourism, and the environment. I don’t believe there is another councilmember who has worked harder and delivered more for the neighborhoods in their district than me. My campaign has been a positive one which points out all of these accomplishments I have had in only one year. I have been endorsed by most of our elected officials, as well as the police and fire associations, Chamber of Commerce, Realtors, Hospitality groups, Builders, and the Hampton Roads Black Caucus. Those who know me have vouched for my character.

I could have played Mr. Remick’s game, and there was much to choose from. He points out my support from developers while receiving the same level of support, and for a commercial real estate developer like Worth Remick to disparage the development community is rich indeed. He claims cronyism against me while accepting the contributions and endorsement of Bruce Smith, who has an active bid into the city to develop Rudee Loop with three hotels, residential apartments, restaurants and retail stores – uses that are totally contrary to what I am hearing from the public. Mr. Remick paints me as a special interest candidate, while pledging to the city municipal workers union to be their advocate for collective bargaining, a promise made to get their endorsement. There was a rich environment to choose from, but I truly believe that you govern as you campaign. I have tried to bring a level of professionalism and positivity to the Council and this race, and I just don’t have it in me to get in a mudslinging contest. I repudiate all of his baseless accusations against me.

I am going to continue to work as hard as I can up until 7 p.m. on Election Day. At the polls, many have thanked me for knocking on their doors, which I began in early June and am well over 11,000 door knocks. I am humbled and honored by the support I have received, which has helped me to disregard the desperate actions of a flailing campaign. If elected, I will do all I can to help our great city reach its potential, and as advertised and sincerely meant, will be your advocate on city council. Thank you for your support.


Linwood Branch

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