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Linwood Branch knows the heart of our city is in its neighborhoods. That’s why throughout his campaign, Linwood made it his goal to knock on all 26,000 doors in the newly formed District 6. He wanted to know exactly what people were thinking, what they were most concerned about, and most importantly, what he could do to help. As you can imagine, he got an earful. Here’s what he heard in a few of those District 6 neighborhoods.

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“I’m a strong believer in every neighborhood having amenities like playgrounds. That is why I am in the final stages of negotiations to purchase a 3-acre parcel at the entrance to the Washington Square neighborhood from Great Neck Road. This is a perfect spot for the families of this community to gather with their children and neighbors. When the city acquires this land, I look forward to working with members of the Washington Square community to design a park we can all be proud of, and one that will serve future generations and add a great community gathering space for all.”


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“When I served on our City Council from 1992-2002, I worked with the Navy to begin the process of acquiring the land known as Marshview Park. That initiative has proven to be of great benefit, as Marshview Park is a significant and beautiful natural area with walking and biking trails and other great community amenities. Now that I have returned to City Council, another opportunity exists to work with you on another important parcel of land – the Rudee Loop property. Over the next few months, we will be engaging stakeholders and other interested parties about their thoughts on what to do with this treasure. Working together, we set the path for successful use of Marshview Park, and I look forward to doing this again on the magnificent Rudee Loop property.”



“Rarely Is there an issue where there is unanimous community agreement. Yet while walking through the Linlier neighborhoods, I realized that every resident I met was passionate about the same thing: The need for a traffic signal at Winwood Drive and Laskin Road. There were serious concerns that lives could be at stake if something wasn’t done. I delivered their message right away to City traffic officials and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and I am delighted to announce that a traffic signal at Winwood Drive and Laskin Road will now be made a part of the Laskin Road project. A new traffic signal there will greatly enhance the safety and peace of mind for all those who access this roadway. I am honored to have carried your message and look forward to a much safer intersection by the time the Laskin Road project is complete.”


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“The North End, bordered by the ocean, bays, resort area and a state park, is as unique a neighborhood as you can find. Each street is its own little enclave. My childhood memories come from 48th Street, where I spent many summers at my grandparents’ house. I know the pride everyone takes in being a North Ender, and I will work with the residents of this beautiful community to preserve its character. When I received my appointment to the City Council in October 2021, I met with the Civil League leadership to discuss how to best help the neighborhood. They said safe pedestrian crosswalks were a priority, and I was able to have funding approved for 13 pedestrian enhancements in the Fiscal Year 2022-23 city budget. 


Also, at my direction, City Council reinstated the Open Space Program, which it had terminated in 2016. As a council liaison to the newly reformed Open Space Committee, we have added the preservation of our official city tree – the Live Oak – to the Committee’s charges, and have already put in place policies to protect these magnificent North End trees from harm. 


When I first served on City Council from 1992-2002, I worked with the Civic League to implement the Hurricane Protection Program, which widened our beaches, built the new boardwalk, enhanced the dune system and improved stormwater drainage with new pump stations. Looking ahead, I want to work with Dominion Energy to continue undergrounding utility lines as we did on Atlantic Avenue. I have heard from many of you that removing the unsightly telephone poles would greatly enhance the beauty of this special place, and I think it’s time we made this a goal.


Lastly but by no means leastly, I am proud that my City Council colleagues and I were able to budget $75 million to expand Resort Area parking, which will add enough parking to relieve the pressures from neighborhoods adjacent to the Resort Area, including the North End!.


 As Your Advocate on City Council, I look forward to working with you to make your North End community the best it can be.”


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“When I was appointed to fill the City Council seat vacated by Jim Wood in October 2021, I made it my mission to learn my constituents' priorities. While attending the Cavalier Park/Bay Colony Civic League Meeting, I learned that two very important projects had been started and stalled due to Covid 19 and the lack of a committed Councilmember. 


It is a fact that many of our older neighborhoods lack the amenities we now require with new developments, and Bay Colony is no exception. The first project Bay Colony neighbors wanted was a playground for children to enjoy. We formed the Bay Colony playground committee, which included enthusiastic members of the community. Working with city staff, we now have a site and project waiting to be funded in the next city budget. I have made known to the City Manager that this is a priority item which will be adopted and built next year. The committee members have done a wonderful job of bringing this project to the point of becoming a reality, and it will be a priority for me to make sure it is funded.


Our next project, the Bay Colony/Linkhorn Park pathway, was initially requested in 2017. It will provide much-needed safety measures along Bay Colony Drive. Once again, a group of citizens volunteered to serve on a committee, and we have re-instituted this project working with our Public Works Department. This project is also a top priority for me, and will serve as a template for other communities that seek to retrofit themselves with safer paths away from traffic. Again, I cannot thank the members of this committee enough for providing me with all of the work that had been previously done so that we could expedite this project for budget consideration. I would like to see this project begin as soon as next year. 


I am also pleased to report that I was able to secure funding in our current budget for enhanced pedestrian safety crossings at 47th Street/Bay Colony Drive to ensure safer passage across Atlantic Avenue. This project would begin next year, as well. As Your Advocate on City Council, I take great pleasure in helping your neighborhood be the safest and most enjoyable it can be.”

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