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Linwood Branch is proud that Virginia Beach consistently has the lowest overall tax rate in the region, while offering services, programs and recreational amenities not offered in our neighboring cities. The chart below shows major taxes imposed in Virginia Beach compared to other Hampton Roads cities.

Tax Rates

Virginia Beach Adopted FY 2022-23 Compared to Other Cities


*Virginia Beach, the rate is one millionth of one percent, essentially zero. The Code Of Virginia requires that localities assess and levity all classifications of personal property. With an adopted rate of one millionth of one percent, the City’s Treasurer will not issue a nuisance bill. For the other cities, the effective rate is cited, which is a product of the tax rate multiplied by the assessment percentage. Using Chesapeake as an example, their tax rate is $3.20, but they only assess 20% of the value, producing an effective tax rate of 0.64 ($3.20 X 20%).

**Effective July 1. 2021, local government cigarette tax authority in the Commonwealth of Virginia will be capped at the rate set by the local government as of January 1, 2020.

***Hamptonrepresents average monthly cost of recyclers and non-recyclers. Newport Newsrepresents an average for Standard and Medium Container.

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