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Linwood Branch has always been a strong proponent of teachers and
public education, and as a Councilman, he’s made sure our schools are
fully accredited and fully funded. That includes this year's $1.1 Billion
education budget, and one of the largest salary increases for teachers
and bus drivers in the city’s history. Linwood will make sure our public
schools remain the region’s best.

Top educators support Linwood!

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“Linwood Branch has made supporting education in our community a top priority and he will continue to do so.”

Barbara Sessoms, Educator

Linwood listens to parents!

Both of Linwood’s children attended Virginia Beach public schools, so he knows the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education. He’ll make sure parents can play an active role in their child’s school curriculum and learning.

He’ll work to expand vocational learning, too!

-Linwood Branch

“Not every kid will go to college, but every kid deserves the chance to train for a great career.”

Linwood will work to expand vocational programs at the Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center. He’ll help our non-college bound kids train for great paying jobs in the vocational trades of their choice.

Resource officers in every school

Linwood will keep our school children safe, secure and focused on learning by placing school resource officers in every Virginia Beach public school.

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On Nov. 8, Vote Linwood Branch for Virginia Beach City Council, District 6

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